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Built for the Task at Hand: Rugged Computing for Real-World Mobility

Intermec's rugged handheld computers are built for the task at hand, combining the advantage of consumer PDAs and high-end industrial mobile computers into a single rugged package. Like PDAs, Intermec systems are small and lightweight, yet they provide targeted functionality, a tactical keypad, and enhanced connectivity (including industry standard 802.11x, Cisco® compatibility, and Bluetooth®). Combining the latest Microsoft® Windows® operating system technology, Intermec SmartSystems™ device management software, and superior industrial design and ruggedness means that Intermec handhelds are easy to deploy, use, and support for a small business or an enterprise.

Adding Intermec's unique, modular FlexDock Docking System adds another degree of ease: A single docking infrastructure can support your charging and communications needs for a mix of rugged handheld computers as well as mobile printers. Individual cups provide the flexibility to design a docking system that best suits your needs today, and in the future.

CS40 Mobile Computer

The smallest, most advanced, rugged mobile computer. Designed specifically for field workers needing the size and styling of a smart phone, and the reliability of a rugged mobile computer with advanced 3.75G communications, as well as integrated high-performance 1D/2D scanning capability.

CK3 Mobile Computers

The CK3 Next Generation mobile computers are equipped with Windows Embedded 6.5, and designed for in-premise applications: Superior, multi-shift battery performance packed into a rugged design with an ergonomic form factor that is smaller and lighter than any other device in their class.

CN50 Mobile Computer

The Intermec CN50 is the only 3.75G wireless mobile computer that combines a small and light-weight form factor with a rugged design to deliver the most advanced, high performance voice and data communication solution specifically designed for the highly mobile field worker.

CK70 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer

The Intermec CK70 is the next-generation, ultra-rugged mobile computing solution with purpose-built design optimized for demanding courier express and parcel environments, enabling increased user efficiency for improved customer service and service-level-agreement compliance.

CK71 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer

The Intermec CK71 is the no-compromise, next-generation ultra-rugged mobile computer that achieves true functional agility with the perfect balance of ruggedness, duty cycle, and ergonomics for the most demanding warehouse-distribution and manufacturing environments.

CN70 / CN70e Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computers

The Intermec CN70 / CN70e are ideal for field mobility applications that demand a compact form factor with no compromise on ruggedness. Next-generation architecture, combined with market-leading wireless communications and data capture capabilities, delivers optimal worker productivity.

CN3 Mobile Computer

The first fully rugged mobile computer to incorporate up to four wireless technologies into a compact PDA form factor, the versatile CN3 has proven that integrated GPS and Bluetooth technologies can work together to increase efficiency and safety by enabling hands-free turn-by-turn voice navigation. Add 3G WWAN and Cisco Compatible WiFi , and your users are fully connected with real time voice and high-speed data (GSM/EDGE or CDMA/EV-DO) anywhere they go.

CN3e Mobile Computer

An extension to the popular and proven CN3 mobile computer series, the mid-sized CN3e features large keys, integrated GPS and robust communications options, making it the ideal handheld for key-based, data-intensive DSD and ITV applications.

CN4 Mobile Computer

With integrated 3.5G wireless technology, the fully rugged Intermec CN4 enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of high bandwidth data collection and communications to achieve gains in worker productivity, improvements in service offering, and overhead reductions.

CN4e Mobile Computer

The fully rugged Intermec CN4e mobile computer with enlarged keyboard and integrated 3.5G enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of high bandwidth data collection and communications to achieve gains in worker productivity, improvements in service offering and overhead reductions.

70 Series RFID Computers

The no-compromise 70 Series mobile computer family now includes passive UHF reading as a fully integrated feature.

FlexDock Modular Docking System

The Intermec FlexDock is a uniquely scalable, modular docking system for Intermec products, giving you the flexibility to design the docking system that best suits your needs today, as well as in the future. FlexDock is designed to work across Intermec's light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty-handling mobile-computer product lines, as well as with Intermec mobile printers.