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Our Clients

♦ Biometric or card based Solution which enable the user to reduce the time in capturing information as well increase efficiency

♦ Value of meals can be defined for each department separately.

♦ Recharge option to maintain sufficient fund for each employee.

♦ System provides both consolidated and detail reports. The report defines the recharge amounts, Usage amounts and the balance available.

♦ MHS Meal Tracking Solution is designed to cater to the tracking process of the Meal usage in multiple canteens in Organizations.

♦ The solution can be configured to work on value based or count based depending on the customer requirement. Employees can be associated to a department and the meal Type can be defined for a canteen as well as an employee.

♦ System can be configured to accept the visitors and contact employees. Meal Tracking system provides multiple reports both consolidated and detailed which defines the meal usage canteen wise.

System Architecture

Application Overview

♦ Company Maintenance

♦ Departments Maintenance

♦ Employee Maintenance

♦ Meal Type Maintenance

♦ Maintain Canteens

♦ Define Meal type to canteen/Employee

♦ Data consolidation at PC application

♦ Consolidated reports

♦ Detail reports

♦ Visitors/Contractor Report

♦ Receipt printers to print Coupons

♦ Biometric option for employee validation

♦ Proximity option to validate the Visitors

ID / Biometric Based

MHS Meal Tracking Solution can be configured to validate employees based on the Proximity card or Biometric identification.

Cost Allocation

The Solution provides option to define each meal type separately. The Meal value can be defined to each meal type and can be linked to employees.

System can be configured to allow Pre defined visitors.

Meal Allocation

Pre-defined meals can be allocated to Each Canteen as well as employees. This option helps to define what meals types are served in each canteen(Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) as well to define which meal each employee is eligible for.