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Join the 2D Revolution: The Industry's Most Powerful Imagers

Two-dimensional (2D) bar codes have been quietly revolutionizing many production, tracking and maintenance processes for years. And with the development of Intermec's unique near-far area imaging technology, imagers are now capable of reading 2D bar codes at nearly any range. Intermec's range of 2D imagers provide the utmost in scanning power and efficiency for any application that calls for laser, linear, or area imaging. As with all Intermec OEM devices, engine compatibility and ease of integration remain Intermec's priorities, with an emphasis on compact size, multiple mounting possibilities, low-power operation, and standard interfaces.

EA11 Standard-Range 2D Imager

The Intermec EA11 combines rapid decode speed with exceptional motion tolerance to deliver an easy-to-use scanner with a scanning speed twice as fast as traditional 2-D imagers.

EA15 Standard-Range 2D Imager

The Intermec EA15 is an ultra-compact high performance 2-D imager engine, ideal for OEM applications in both mobile and fixed devices including handheld terminals and scanners, PDAs, medical devices, kiosks, lottery terminals and access control devices.

EA20X Extended-Range 2D Imager

EA20X is the first compact, fixed-focus extended-range 2D imager. It is ideal for mobile applications requiring extended reading range and intensive scanning. Designed with interchangeability in mind, it is plug compatible with the Intermec EA11 and EA21 2D imagers.

EA21 Megapixel 2D Imager

By combining 2D bar code scanning and megapixel document imaging into a pico size form factor, the EA21 is the ideal solution for mobile and fixed products with the most stringent mechanical constraints. This provides freedom in your total product design to achieve the smallest and lightest result possible.

EA30 High Performance 2D Imager

The Intermec EA30 is the first and only 2D imager to provide 50 times more motion tolerance than standard 2D imagers, and doesn't require bar code alignment to achieve high read rates, thus adding a clear performance advantage to your product.

EA31 High Performance 2D Imager

Like the EA30, the EA31 features best-in-class motion tolerance, time-to-read, and support for omni-directional scanning--with the added benefit of a safe LED-based aimer, ideal for dynamic retail and customer-facing applications.

EX25 Near/Far 2D Imager (3rd Generation)

The EX25 from Intermec is the industry's first near/far bar code 2D imager featuring unparalleled flexibility to read 1D and 2D bar codes at distances from 6 inches to over 50 feet (15cm to 15m).